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Transferring flights from San Javier airport to Corvera airport

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Ryanair have officially confirmed that they will be transferring flights from San Javier airport to Corvera airport once it opens next year. Until now, there has been some doubt if Ryanair would be moving flights to Corvera ahead of the scheduled opening date of January 15th 2019. This was partly because Ryanair had listed flights available for next year, as Murcia or San Javier, but not Corvera.

Until now, there had been no official confirmation whether flights would be transferred to Corvera airport, apart from a comment from a spokesperson from Ryanair who said

“we do not make comments on negotiations which are on-going” – however, Ryanair also commented that “We are awaiting a confirmed opening date from Arena and will take necessary steps once this date is confirmed”

Although no change to the expected opening date of Corvera airport has been announced, it is clear that Ryanair has chosen to take a cautious approach until full confirmation has been issued by Aena, the management company of Corvera airport. This does however clarify things for potential holidaymakers, so if you’re planning a trip to Murcia next year, Ryanair are certainly one of many airlines who will be operating flights to and from Corvera airport once it opens next year.

Ryanair’s confirmation makes the airline one of seven that will now be operating from Corvera airport starting next year. This is an increase from the number that operated from San Javier Jet2, Easyjet, TUI, Fly Belgium and Ryanair will now be joined by Norwegian, Aerlingus and Volotea, which was also recently announced.

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